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Our premiere manifesting mastery and self-realization experience, this first-of-its-kind card deck offers 45 days of mini experiments that will finally turn your intellectual knowledge of the laws of the universe into undeniable experience.

Never before has discovering your inner, infinite Self been so formulaic and actionable. Through this process, you will unlock a deep and lasting sense of peace, happiness and empowerment. 

Students consistently report rapid life transformation and an exponential increase in manifestation before the journey is even complete.

If you've ever wondered what you are missing to unlock the life of your dreams, this card deck is exactly what you've been looking for.

 Whether you desire to unleash more abundance, fulfillment, freedom or happiness, we give you the most actionable tools to harness the immutable laws of success and self-realization.  


Become the master of your fate

 Our motto is "ego sum quod sum", meaning I Am That I Am. This phrase holds the key to our true potential as individuals, a transcendent mantra of infinite and eternal creative power. 

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